Kingsurf Qualifiers, Johor Bahru [results]

23 05 2008

And it was Team Kingsurf who took the lead against Team Versus! Well done, guys! I managed to meet with Ice, Xiao Gui and Darkwish. Damn cool fellas…. if only Xiao Gui spoke more. The quiet types are usually the ones with the speediest hands ;). Well done, Kingsurf! Kudos too to See How, the proprietor of Kingsurf Computer Centre for keeping such an immaculate place! It felt truly like a second home! 3 floors of it too! See you at the next qualifiers…. Kuching, Sarawak 31st May, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 1st June 2008.

kingsurf at the e-sports thailand championships

As teams prepare for the third DotA qualifiers in JB this weekend, will Kingsurf emerge once again as the top team? They had recently created waves in the e-sports scene when they beat other powerful Asian teams like XcN and Zenith at the E-Sports Thailand Championship in April 2008. They took home $3000. Let’s see if this 3rd qualifier will be the start of their road to San Jose, USA for the ESWC Grand Finals. Word is, they will. But then again… you just never know ;




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26 05 2008

gx gx ks win again johor qualifiers

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