ESWC 2008 Grand Final information & schedules

15 08 2008
On Monday the 25th August, the Electronic Sports World Cup Grand Final will begin at the NVISION 08 event in San Jose. Team Malaysia, led by seven of Malaysia’s professional gamers – Team Kingsurf for DotA, Luige for Trackmania Nations Forever and eNet|Paulyan for Warcraft III TFT will be flying off next week to San Jose, USA to join the ranks of the world’s best.

On Monday the 25th August, the Electronic Sports World Cup Grand Final will begin at the NVISION 08 in San Jose, California. Open to all video games enthusiasts, NVISION 08 and ESWC Grand Final will run over three days, with six tournaments gathering 650 international champions from more than 40 countries. All fans are welcomed to follow the show and support their favourite players.

San Jose, California, USA
Convention Center, 150 West San Carlos St.

Convention Center: GeForce LAN, NVScene, Exhibition Hall, HD Theater,
Conferences, Registration
Civic Auditorium: Video Games Live
Center for Performing Arts: Keynotes and 3D Theater
Crowne Plaza: iGames Expo
Marriott & Hilton Hotels: Conferences, Meeting Rooms, Sponsor Suites
All info on

Registration as spectator can be made on website or on site during the event:

Monday, August 25th: 8:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m
Tuesday, August 26th: 8:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m
Wednesday, August 27th: 9:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m

Counter-Strike Women
Defense of The Ancients
Quake III
Trackmania Nations Forever
Warcraft III


Monday, August 25th:

14:00 Counter-Strike Women (Group Stage 1)
15:30 Quake III (Group Stage 2)
17:00 Warcraft III (Group Stage 2)
18:30 Counter-Strike (Group Stage 2)
20:30 Trackmania Nations (¼ Final WB)
21:00 Quake III (¼ Final)

Tuesday, August 26th:

11:00 Counter-Strike (¼ Final)
13:30 Quake III (½ Final)
15:00 Counter-Strike (½ Final)
17:00 ESWC Final: Quake III
19:30 ESWC Final: Warcraft III
21:00 ESWC Final: Counter-Strike

Wednesday, August 27th:

09:00 ESWC Final: Counter-Strike Women
11:00 ESWC Final: Trackmania Nations
12:00 ESWC Final: Defense of The Ancients (DotA)
13:00 ESWC Awards Ceremony

The 650 international attendees will be located in 3 to 4 stars hotels in San Jose around the Convention Center. NVIDIA has also negotiated discounted room rates at several San Jose hotels.To take advantage of the rates, please book your rooms at the same time you register for the event. To browse the list of available hotels around the NVISION 08 event, please check the Accommodations page following that link:

More information are available to organize your travel on:

Note to Editors:

Photographs of the Malaysian team are available and will be provided on request. Kindly email Interviews can be arranged. Do contact Cherrie on +6017 200 8631. Thank you.




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