24 August 2008 @ San Jose: Malaysian team arrives

25 08 2008

Opening Ceremony @ Performance Art Centre

Jasmine Low, Nikki Yeo and four of the members from KINGSURF arrive in LA!

After more than a day of flying via Incheon Airport, Seoul, the team from Malaysia consisting of team leaders from Go International Group – Jasmine Low and Nikki Yeo plus the four members of Team Kingsurf (save from Ks-Sakura and Luige who travelled on a later flight via Taipei) arrived in time to attend the Opening Ceremony of Electronic Sports World Cup 2008 Grand Finals at 7pm PST at the San Jose Center for Performing Arts. Spotted at the welcome affair were SK Gaming’s Counter Strike team, MYM, China’s WNV and several others. The cool 18celcius evening was a good start to the event.

Team Kingsurf, which belongs to Group A will begin their challenges in the morning from 10am PST at the following matches:

09.00 Installation & warm-up
10.00am Group A – Round 1 (Team Kingsurf Malaysia vs Team Nafu Canada)
11.30am Group A – Round 2 (Team Kingsurf Malaysia vs Team EvilG USA)
02.30pm Group A – Round 3 (Team Kingsurf Malaysia vs Team SRS France)
04.00pm Group A – Round 4 (Team Kingsurf Malaysia vs Team SK Sweden)
05.30pm Group A – Round 5 (Team Kingsurf Maalysia vs Team S3X Pakistan)

More updates as we go for LUIGE’s timetable…

Team ESWC Malaysia @ San Jose Marriott Hotel




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