Mythbusters draw Mona Lisa in 80 milliseconds @ NVIDIA San Jose

17 09 2008

Hey peeps! While we were in San Jose 3 weeks ago, it wasn’t just about e-sports this time at ESWC. There were halls dedicated to Women Gamers titled “Girl Gamer Zone”, the successful attempt for the longest LAN party (over 3 days. it was initially planned for the largest but we guessed the numbers didn’t make it so creatively, the organisers decided to just extend it), and then there were loads of presentations and keynote speeches which our Malaysian team had unfortunately missed as we were involved in the competition. Well, here’s something which we did manage to check out at the closing ceremony. The Mythbusters’ Jamie and Adam conducting and extraordinary act to demonstrate how GPU works in parallel with CPU.

Jamie & Adam – the mythbusters @ NVISION08

NVISION08 Guinness World Record at a glance

NVISION08 Video Games Live feat. Super Mario Bros

DEMOSCENE – this is super cool!




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