Links to updates on ESWC 2010 Malaysia

8 06 2010


ESWC 2010马来西亚预选赛于今日正式开战,在激烈的双败bo1淘汰赛制中,6支战队经过数轮的鏖战,由 MUFC获得败者组的冠军,他们在最终的决战中挑战一路高歌猛进获得胜者组冠军的。最终MUFC以两个1:0将Nirvana.my挑落下马,拿到马来西亚赛区晋级ESWC世界总决赛的唯一名额,而Nirvana.my则不得不吞下失利的苦果。另外, Ks.LGD等三支战队没有参加本次比赛。Read more :


Top teams thrash it out for the last slot to ESWC 2010

Update: Its official MU Fishclub-Suncity better known as MUFC-SC will now represent Malaysia in the ever coveted ESWC!.

Malaysia kicks off its very own ESWC qualifier this sunday. Only eight of Malaysia’s best teams were invited for the event. These eight teams will battle if out for the only slot of a Malaysian team. Read more




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