Interview with ESWC Malaysia FIFA10 champion, Syahril “Warrior” Mispardi

25 06 2010

Photo: Syahril Mispadi's own collection


Your full name: Mohd Syahril B. Mispardi

Nick: [MyFeS.INC] WaRrioR

1. Hi there Warrior, could you give a quick introduction of yourself to the community?

Hello, my name is Mohd Syahril Bin Mispardi,24 years old and currently an pre-graduate student in the Universiti Technologi Mara,Shah Alam. Meanwhile in the gaming community. I am one of the members of the Malaysia FIFA Elite Squad [MyFeS] clan and known to many gamers out there as ‘Warrior’.

2. Firstly, congratulations on achieving first place in FIFA10 at ESWC 2010 Malaysia Qualifiers, ‘Warrior’. So what types of strategies did you prepare for this tournament?

Thank you! Hmm, I think the key for me here is by being true to the phrase, “practice makes perfect”. I been practising constantly over the past few months and joined several tournaments before this. I would normally have a discussion with my clan mates prior to each tournament on some of the in-game strategies to be use during the tournament.

3. Who was your toughest competitor and how did you overcome him?

I would consider all of my opponents past the 2nd round of the tournament as tough competitors. I had to be on my very best performance and avoid making any mistakes.  Besides that, my clan mates, ‘arroyos’ and ‘solidsnake’ shared some tactical tips, which eventually helped me overcome my opponents.

4. What were the feelings and thoughts when you realized you had beaten semi-finalist?

Great as I realised I was one step closer to the title!! In the semi-finals, I played ‘Kokakopi’, whom I think is a very good player as well. We met in previous tournaments thus I had a bit idea on his gameplay.

5. Tell us about your final match with Edwin ‘EdwynC’ Chua – the 1st Runner-Up.
It was a good match but of course a very tough match as well. I had a little bit of lady luck for that match as EdwynC missed some good chances to score. However, prior to the finals match, all the tactical plans and strategies were already drafted out between my clan mates and myself. As EdwynC was using a very defensive formation, I had to come up with some strategies and be patient in order to break his defense. At the end, I guess my strategies worked out as I managed to exploit the weaknesses of his defensive formation.

6. So now you have secured a slot at ESWC Paris, what are the preparations that will take place prior to the event?

Too many to be mentioned here actually! Ha ha! I believe mental strength is one of the areas where I would concentrate in training at, as this is actually my first ever international tournament. My clan mates ‘arroyos’ and ‘solidsnake’ would also help me draft out my the training schedule, as both of them are very experienced in terms of tactical strategies.

7. What are your thoughts about the other FIFA10 players? Do you know much about their skills and style of play?

Honestly, I have little idea about other FIFA 10 players out there. I believe research will be part of my training for the coming weeks.

8. Do you think that the Asian players will be able to prove that they are better than European players?

Yes, absolutely!

9. In your opinion, which player do you think will have the advantage to win?

I think Nenad Stojkovic from United States of America would be the top seed here as he is the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2010 champion.

10. Do you feel that you will be ready for a challenging competition at ESWC Paris?

Yes! Hopefully with all the preparations that will come in the coming weeks as well as with the support of my clan mates, I would bring the medal back from Paris.

11. When did you start playing FIFA10? Do you also play football?

I only started to play FIFA 10 since November last year. Haha…long time didn’t play football.

12. Are your parents supportive of your win?

Yes, of course! And I am glad to have their full support!

Thank you very much for taking time of to do this interview. Do you have any messages to the FIFA10 community in Malaysia?

I hope the FIFA 10 community will continue to grow as it has these past few years. Also I hope more FIFA game lovers out there will take up the challenge and join in all tournaments. As the community gets larger, it will increase the tournament competition level and indirectly would improve the standards and skills of Malaysia FIFA players.

Prepared by Go International Group, the master licensee for ESWC 2010 Malaysia.

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