Updates: ESWC Grand Finals DOTA

1 07 2010

Hello! If you’ve just tuned in, don’t check out the following links for updates on Team Malaysia’s progress in Paris, France for the Grand Finals. Here, we share some updates from ESWC.com and MYM.com

::::::::::::::: ESWC.COM :::::::::::::::::

Group D (Dota 6.67a)

Round #3
CN EHOME [ 0 | 0 ] The Elder Gods RO
FR Tribal Gaming France [ 0 | 0 ] Nirvana.Giga.MY MY
Round #2
FR Tribal Gaming France [ 0 | 1 ]  The Elder Gods RO
MY Nirvana.Giga.MY [ 0 | 1 ] EHOME CN
Round #1
RO The Elder Gods [ 0 | 1 ] Nirvana.Giga.MY MY
FR Tribal Gaming France [ 0 | 1 ] EHOME CN
For more updates, visit http://live.eswc.com/?jeu=51.
:::::::::::::: MYMYM.COM ::::::::::::::

In the DotA section, ESWC will feature four groups of four teams, seeing each group with two important names and two outsiders. Our own warriors have been placed in Group A, alongside AEONSports, Team Bulgaria and PlayLife from Kazakhstan.

Group D seems to be by far the most exciting to watch, with EHOME and Nirvana.my fighting for the top spot while TeG is hoping for a big upset. Local team Tribal will complete the group as fourth.

Source: http://www.mymym.com/en/news/18752.html

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Singapore AEON
Denmark MYM
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Kazakhstan PlayLife
Russian Fede- DTS
United State- Nirvana.US
Germany LAN
Poland Time Out
Sweden Lost
Germany OK
Brazil CNB
Iran, Islami- Reborn
Malaysia Nirvana.my
Romania TeG
France Tribal



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