ESWC 2011 announcement

3 12 2010

After having organised a successful season of ESWC in July 2010 in Paris Disneyland France, Games-Solution officially announces the 8th Electronic Sports World Cup.

Orléans, France – December 2nd, 2010

The best gamers all around the world will be able to enter in a new ESWC season and try to qualify for the 8th Electronic Sports World Cup™ 2011 Grand Final (ESWC 2011).

The Grand Final will be held in France by the end of the next year (November/December 2011). Final date and venue will be announced early 2011.

The ESWC 2011 will reward winners with a total prize of $220,000. In 2010, Games-Solution was the first company in electronic sport that used a bank guaranty to insure players they will get their recompense. Following the success that the community shown for this process, the same system will be settled this year.

The games selection is still in process and will be announced soon but every player interested in participating in ESWC preliminaries can from now register and sign up for their national preliminaries here.





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