Interview with ESWC Champions

10 08 2011
In August 2008, ESWC Malaysia organising committee supported the dreams of ‘CK Luige’ to San Jose, USA where he represented Malaysia at the Trackmania at ESWC 2008 Grand Finals.
In January 2011, the ESWC organizing committee published an interview with its 2010 Trackmania Nation champion – Fredrik “Bergie” Bergmann.

ESWC: What are your best memories of ESWC 2010?

Fredrik Bergmann: My best memory from ESWC 2010 is definitely the atmosphere during the Trackmania Nations Forever final. The French crowd is without a doubt enthusiastic about the game, and the involvement they showed during the final was amazing. Without a doubt the most magic experience I’ve had during a tournament!

ESWC: You won money taking part in ESWC. How much did you get? Are you satisfied with the payment times and the way it will be done this year (payment via bank guarantee)?

FB:I got $ 8.000. I am very satisfied with everything related to the payment. ESWC was very professional when handling the payment, and I felt I was in good hands at all times. The bank guarantee is a great initiative, and I believe it helps ESWC look more professional.

ESWC: Are you planning to attend ESWC 2011 (considering your game is selected among the list)?

FB:Definitely! I would love to attend ESWC 2011, which would actually be my second time ever attending an ESWC event.

ESWC: What do you expect from the next edition?

FB: I expect it to be just as great as 2010 was, but with a better location.

ESWC: Do you have any comments to make?

FB:The only negative thing at this year’s event was the venue. Disneyland is wonderful, but the tournament should have been held in a more appropriate “gamer” location. In spite of that, I was very pleased with the event and I hope to see Trackmania Nations Forever in the list of games in 2011!

Interview made on December 2010. The ESWC organizing committee would like to thank Fredrik “Bergie” Bergmann for making this interview possible.

ESWC 2010 world champions on Trackmania Nation Forever were:
— Fredrik ‘Bergie’ Bergmann
— Pedro ‘Moriah’ Benjamin
— Yoann ‘Yoyo’ Cook

ESWC Organizing Committee will try to do its best, as usual to improve the condition of competitions. Heat was a real problem during ESWC 2010, we insure gamers, spectators and staff that, this problem will be solved for 2011 Grand Final.




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