Qualifier #5: 1 June 2008, CyberX Sabah


Champion: AOE1
1st Runner Up: I-Zone

32 Teams
Hawaii < AOE 2
DOA > Century 2
KOD > Future City
929MVG < Rip-Noah

16 Teams
Rip-Dream elite > KOL
DOA < E|NsP-freedom
ASP < I-Zone
Rip-Pixar > Fore Most
Century 1 < AOE 2
Empire > KOD
Saiyan < Rip-Noah

Top 8 Teams
I-zone > AOE 2
Empire < Rip-Noah
Rip-Dream Elite > E|NsP-Freedom
AOE 1 > Fore most

E|NsP-Freedom < AOE 1
Rip-Noah < I-zone

I-zone < AOE 1


32 Teams
ASP vs CNB http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843f434a884c
Br vs Saiyan http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843f575da1c0
DOA vs Century2 http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843f575da1c0
Hawaii vs AoE2 http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843f5a539e46
KOL vs PPB http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843f71554985
Rip-Noah vs 929MVG http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843f73bc7093

16 Teams
AOE1 vs TWB http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843f8077abdf
EMPIRE vs KOD http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843f8583db4f
century 1 vs aoe 2 http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843f824e95e3
IZONE vs ASP http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843f96f862fa
Rip-Noah vs Sayian http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843fa02ddec9
Rip-Dream http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843fa6067ab1
RIP Pixar vs FM http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843fa45b7c6f
Freedom vs DOA http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843f87b41858

8 Teams
AoE 1 vs FM http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843fb55bb978
Rip-Noah Vs Empire http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843fc93ed2ed
Izone vs AOE2 http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843fb69600a0
RIP-Dream vs NSP-Freedom http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843fcad32434

Semi Finals
AOE1 vs NSP-Freedom http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843fe070c1da
IZONE vs RIP-Noah(LoadGame) http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843fe2c2e72c

Izone vs AOE 1 http://tw.gg-game.com/readper/view.php?id=4843fe6b00abf 



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