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GO.esc is a platform where gamers propel to international tournaments

Go International E-Sport Cup invites gamers to sharpen their skills as it will take them around the world! GO INTERNATIONAL E-SPORTS CUP (GO.esc) was created with one simple goal – to produce a regional tournament, which acts as a window to international tournaments around the world. In future, GO.esc will attract teams from around the world to Malaysia. We look for the support from the e-sports community, as well as from sponsors and the industry to realise this vision.

Proposed official game: Counter Strike 1.6, DotA, HoN or FIFA11

Go International Group are in negotiations with ESWC France for this year’s tournament held at Paris Games Week from 21-25 October 2011.

Go International Group signs on with Digital Youth Award

Kuala Lumpur, 27 August 2010 – Go International Group Sdn Bhd has signed a deal with 3K Entertainment Pte Ltd to bring Digital Youth Award (DYA) Qualifier for digital sports category – international game title ‘Heroes of Newerth’ (HoN) to Malaysia.

Under the licensing agreement, Go International Group – the festival organiser of Indie Youth Fest (FEYST), which will be bringing an entourage of musicians to Shanghai this weekend to perform at the Malaysia Pavilion in Expo 2010 China; will organise an e-Sport tournament to qualify Team Malaysia to participate at Digital Youth Awards in the Sweden Pavilion in
Shanghai from 14-18 October and Singapore’s Game Fest DreamHack Winter in Sweden from 25-29 November.

Held in tandem with FEYST’s own Go International E-Sports Cup (GO.esc), the kick-off at popular cyber café FTZ Asia.net café in SS15 Subang Jaya this October offers amateur and pro-gamer PC-based tournaments. Official game titles will be announced in early September.

Meanwhile, HoN enthusiasts can register online at http://www.goesc.net from this weekend 28th August 2010 for friendly practise matches. One victorious five person team will be sent on an all expenses paid youth cultural exchange program of Digital Youth Award (DYA) held in World Expo 2010 Shanghai in China from 15 – 18 October 2010 and compete at the DYA Global finals held
from 25 – 28 November at Dreamhack Winter in Sweden. The total prize, comprising of game slots, flights, accommodation and transfers is worth approximately RM35,000.

Jasmine Low, Festival Director of FEYST added, “This partnership with Digital Youth Award is a fantastic opportunity for Malaysian youth; a cultural exchange program in the heart of the world’s largest expo to date. We encourage Malaysians to travel and participate in these international festival programs like DYA, because we believe the future economy is borderless. So
it’s important to train and expose our young to the international arena.”

ESWC returns!

Re-born. ESWC returned in July 2010 after being revived by French company, Games-Solution. Next up is the 8th Electronic Sports World Cup™ 2011 Grand Final (ESWC 2011) slated to be held in Autumn 2011 in France. We’re now awaiting the announcements of the final date and venue. The ESWC 2011 will reward winners with a total prize of $220,000. In 2010, Games-Solution was the first company in electronic sport that used a bank guaranty to insure players they will get their recompense. Following the success that the community shown for this process, the same system will be settled this year.

SMM Grand National Dota Tournament (SGNDT) Final 2008. Nice pwn!



Hey there everyone! In the spirit of keeping the game real, Sendi Mutiara Multimedia’s Grand National Final DotA Tournament takes a new spin this weekend (22-23 Nov 2008)! Over 8 international teams have been invited including renowned Teams EHome (China), Fnatic (Indonesia), EvoXtc (Singapore), SG.Mineski (Philippines) two PMS clan teams  – PMS Nyx (International) and PMS Asterisk (Singapore) and of course reigning champion from last year, Team Kingsurf (Malaysia). Not to mention, the largest amount of cash prize EVER offered in the country for a video game competition as verified by The Malaysia Book of Records. A total of RM120,000 prize pool awaits the best gamers! So keep the DotA fever on! Check out www.smm.net.my for more details.

What huge Prizes!!
* RM36,000 (approx US$10,000) + Trophy + Hardware
* RM18,000 (approx US$5,000)+ Trophy + Hardware
* RM10,000 (approx US$3600) + Trophy + Hardware

Participating List:

1. Indonesia Fnatic
2. Russian Federation – Rush3d (didn’t make it at the last minute)
3. China Ehome
4. China CaNt
5. Philippines SG.Mineski
6. Singapore Impreza
7. Singapore Evo-Xtc
8. Singapore PMS Asterisk*
9. International – PMS Nyx

Malaysian Teams:

10. Kingsurf (Defending Champion)
11. Cybertime (Hiphop)
12. Cybertime (Achilles)
13. v2’mKvL
14. U.C.P.R.O.’tBun w4si
15. Penang ICE
16. Gizmo Mix
17. ENSP-Freedom
18. NGL
19. PGA
20. Vs2
21. Fn’Bkt
22. Imbanology
23. WLY2
24. Glow
25. DNA-SK
26. Bazooka
27. Surf Empire
28. Ftz
29. BGL
30. F’day
31. Say-Thanks
32. Fishnet Miao
33. Show Net
34. Survivor.
35. Re’
36. FC
37. VrDb
38. V-Gust
39. NC1
40. Ice-butter
41. gp2
42. The Net
43. Ice 2
44. Epic
45. Fishnet Eternal.


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